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December 9, 2009
Media Statement

Largest taxi fleet goes online for payments

Auckland Co-op Taxis will take its card fares online from next Monday, December 14, improving customer service and convenience.

This initiative by the country’s largest taxi fleet means that all Auckland Co-op Taxis will be eftpos-capable, offering the same range of payment solutions as most retailers throughout New Zealand.

Auckland Co-op Taxis General Manager Barrie White says that taking the fleet’s payment services online will mean increased convenience for the company’s customers, as until now, as with most taxis throughout New Zealand, fare payment options have been restricted to either cash or credit card transactions.

“This is a major step forward in terms of service and convenience because many customers do not have or do not wish to use the credit card option for small charges which also attract a surcharge.

“Going online also enhances overall security. It will reduce the amount of cash that our drivers carry.”

Delivery of this new service has meant fitting the company’s entire 760-strong fleet with additional wireless technology.

Mr White says this will be the largest number of new online terminals to start operations as any one time.

Auckland Co-op Taxis card services are managed by TaxiCharge NZ, in which the company is the largest shareholder.

Like most taxi companies throughout New Zealand, the co-op’s current credit card system is managed by manually downloading card transaction data at the end of a shift.

For further information contact:

Barrie White
General Manager
Phone 306 1180
Mob: 027 466 0353


Tara Telfer
Phone: 302 6026
Mob: 027 234 6900



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