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All permit test applicants must have held their FULL NEW ZEALAND LICENCE for at least two years. Applicants must have a current P endorsed license. Applicants must have all five-area knowledge certificates or the Auckland Metropolitan area knowledge certificate. You are also requried to have a passenger service license in your own name.  If driving for another taxi company the applicant must show proof of a clean employment record from the company.

Applicants must have permanent resident status or New Zealand citizenship.

Applicants must have good, clear conversational English skills.


The total cost of applying for a permit with Auckland Co-operative Taxi Society Limited is $500.00 plus GST.  This cost is for initial training before going on the road.  A non-refundable fee of $75.00 plus GST must be paid at the time your application was lodged. The balance of $425.00  plus GSTis to be paid at the start of initial training.  This is to be completed prior to the driver permit being issued.

The permit test is in two parts. The first part is a 2 hour written test and comprising thirty questions. The second part is a practical drive test which is designed to test not only your knowledge of the Auckland CBD, but also your driving skills.

A study guide will be provided upon booking a time for the test. Upon passing the permit test, you are required to undergo the following training and assessment in order to achieve the permit criteria.

•  TM Training - Unit Standard 1748 Assisting Passengers with Special Needs. If you have done this proof will need to be provided.
•  Practical MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) Training and Introduction to Co-op Taxis

Once all of the above has been completed, you are then ready for your permit to be issued. Permits will only be issued if you have a car to drive for or you have purchased your own share or are leasing a license.

To have your permit issued you are required to bring in:

•  2 Passport Sized Photographs (for your ID)
•  Passenger Service License (PSL)
•  Completed and signed employment form
•  Completed and signed database form
•  Area Knowledge certificates
•  Unique Identification
•  Drivers License
•  Clean Employment Letter record, Passport or proof of eligibility of work in New Zealand

You are also required to come attired in your full Co-op Uniform. Permits will not be issued without your uniform being sighted. Your permit will be issued for three months and you will undergo a probationary period with the Society. Upon satisfactorily completing your first three months, you will then be issued a full Co-op Permit.

If you are interested in finding out more about driving for Auckland Co Op please contact or 09 302 6040.


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